When are payments made?
What is the minimum payout threshold?
Who pays for the transaction?
I entered the wrong wallet address, the payment went to another address. What should I do?
How much can I get with Мy hashrate?
A transfer was made on the pool, but the money did not reach the wallet. What should I do?
Why is My income today is lower than yesterday?
Why did the difficulty change by 10%, but the revenue increased only by 7%?
How long do payouts take?
What does the "unconfirmed" transaction status mean?
What time do the payments take place?
Why not the entire amount was withdrawn?
The payment didn't come. Why?
I entered the wallet number, but it didn't install. Why?
How do I stop payments? When will My coins be wasted, if I don't withdraw them?
Why was there one amount on the balance before 0:00 UTC, and another amount in the payout?
Can I get a payout if my balance is under the minimum payout threshold?

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