What coins are supported on the pool?
Does the EMCD pool support AsicBoost?
How much is the fee on the pool?
Where is technical support and how to contact them?
How can I monitor my workers and receive alerts?
How can I enable notifications in Telegram?
The Asic went down, but I didn't get a notification.
What is Watcher-link? How to use it?
Why did the difficulty change, but there are still no changes in the calculator?
Why does the pool show less hashrate than the miner?
At the very beginning of mining, all shares were rejected. What happened?
The status of the miner is "online", but the speed is zero. Is this normal?
How does the referral program work?
When payments on the referral program are made?
Why is the indicator near My worker lit in yellow?
How long does it take for the hashrate of my miner to be displayed on the pool's home page?
Why is the effective hashrate lower than the local hashrate?
Why does the pool show less hashrate than the miner?

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