Updates in the EMCD personal account

March 31, 2021
1 min read

We have updated the EMCD personal account to reflect the latest changes in the conditions of the pool.
Time to share the updates!

We split the amounts in the “Balance” section, which used to combine the actual number of coins on the balance and the projected income for today. Now you can separately see the data on the parameters: "Amount to be paid", "Payout forecast for today", and "Yesterday’s reward".

  • “Amount to be paid” shows the actual number of coins that will be sent with the next payout.
  • "Payout forecast for today" is the estimated mining profit for today.
  • "Yesterday’s reward" refers to yesterday's actual income minus commissions.

Please note that until the latest data is received, the “Payout for yesterday” section will display information from the “Payout forecast for today” section for the previous day. In this case, you will see an explanation next to this section that the payout is in progress. As soon as the payout is made, the information will be updated automatically.

We rendered all explanatory texts in small print for each parameter. Now it's even more convenient to find out the details for each section.

We also made a number of improvements to the “Accounts” section: we replaced the “Balance” with the “Payout forecast for today”, added the “Total paid” section, and configured the display of your accounts in the form of cards.

Thank you for being with us!